Binario Expert Advisor

(source: available for free on some free Forex websites)

Binario Forex expert advisor — is based on the exponential moving averages of the same period but for the different price ranges (high and low). But this expert advisor doesn't use any buy or sell signal, it simply opens buy and sell position in rotation and modifies their parameters according to the calculated moving averages. It uses a stop-loss and real-time order monitoring to close the positions. Position in the opposite direction is opened right after one is closed.

My automatic testing of Binario MetaTrader expert advisor gave some interesting results using GBP/USD pair on a daily chart using 0.1 standard lots - about $50,000 profit on $10,000 account in one year, with a maximum drawdown below $3,000. I've also checked it on a three years period and its performance showed the same stability. But there is a serious problem with this expert advisor - it made only 4 trades during the year. So there is no real reason to use it as the automatic EA - just use its strategy for manual trading and you'll have nice long-term profit.


What are the stop-loss and take-profit used by this EA?

  • It uses the variable stop-loss and take-profit values, but the average winning position yielded 1750 pips and the average losing — 250 pips.

  • How often does it trade?

  • On daily GBP/USD chart (the optimum settings) this EA will trade very rarely — 4 times a year on average.

  • - Download: 100% Free - Binario Expert Advisor. For MT4. (ZIP) -


    How to set up MT expert advisors

    Using Metatrader expert advisors is simple, but sometimes people get confused with it and after downloading a file with the expert advisor a user might get stuck with it without knowing what to do next.
    This a simple tutorial on how to attach an expert advisor to Metatrader 4 char and activate it.

    1. Download your MT4 expert advisor or copy it and save it to your MetaTrader’s ‘experts’ folder:


    2. Double click it with your mouse and it will be opened in MQL editor (this editor comes with MT4). There will be a button ‘Compile’ at the center top of the window.
    Click it and your expert advisor will be compiled and ready to use. There might be some errors or warnings during the compilation, but in most cases there shouldn’t be any.
    You can try and fix those errors, but it takes time and some programming skills, usually.


    3. Now, all you need to do is add your expert advisor to the preferred chart and activate it. You can also change some input parameters for the advisor in the Inputs tab:


    This is all you need to set up your EA! Good luck. Keep in touch ;)